The Work of Dannie Ybarra

Dannie Ybarra’s work centers on love stories for our modern generation—themes of self-identity, friendship, the erotic forces pulling us, and the sense of nature that grounds us. She explores the barriers (so often self-inflicted) we overcome to make our way to happiness.

I’ve never told you, but you were my first influence that made me believe I could live a life where being happy and being gay could coexist. My parents always led me to believe homosexuality was a short-term solution that led to despair. You’ve shown me how wrong they are. I just hate that I stand here to gain everything you’re losing.


Book One:
A Sanctuary Behind Glass

Now available for purchase on Amazon and Kindle, A Sanctuary Behind Glass is quickly gaining recognition as a romance novel redefining the genre for today’s modern adult audience.

The tale brings Calvin and Aiden together to overcome the differences in their beliefs, educations, socioeconomic status, as they share their dreams for the future and discover that traumatic pasts are no contest for true love.

The Shrouded Glass Cover.JPG

Book Two:
The Shrouded Glass

Coming soon to on Amazon and Kindle, The Shrouded Glass is the second installment of The Forgotten Habitat series.

This sequel brings Calvin and Aiden to push the boundaries of their love triangle that complicates the budding trust between the two. While Syrus is caught in the undertow, Aiden’s secrets are discovered, and Calvin is left wondering if it really is best to have love and lost than to never have loved at all.