The Forgotten Habitat:
A Modern Trilogy


Book One:
A Sanctuary Behind Glass

Calvin thinks his career at the platypus habitat in the Sydney, Australia zoo is all he needs to be happy. That's what he tells himself anyway. He lives a solitary life, avoiding falling in love because he is afraid of hurting a partner as his parents had hurt him. When Aiden comes along, everything changes.

Free spirited Aiden poses a serious threat to the walls Calvin has built around himself. Before he knows it, Calvin finds himself loving more than just the platypuses at the zoo. Even with their age difference, Aiden will not take no for an answer when it comes to having a relationship with Calvin who, despite his best efforts to avoid falling in love, discovers that resistance is futile.

Together, Calvin and Aiden confront the differences in their beliefs, educations, socioeconomic status, as they share their dreams for the future and discover that traumatic pasts are no contest for true love.

The Shrouded Glass Cover.JPG

Book Two:
The Shrouded Glass

As Calvin struggles to recover from the platypus attack, he is frustrated because his world has shrunk to the boundaries of the home he shares with Syrus. The longer he is away from the Platitat, however, the more inclined he is to make decisions he would never have made before the accident. 

Calvin credits Aiden for his newfound boldness and finds himself falling in love with the younger man. Their relationship is complicated by the bond that Syrus and Aiden share and Calvin questions just how long their love triangle can hold together. 

All of their worlds are rocked when Calvin and Syrus discover that Aiden has been lying to them both. Aiden's  revelation of family secrets, and the emotional fallout leave them wondering if it really is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.